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The Arts Within

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, I now live in the United States. Both Thailand and America are my homes.

Educated in a private school during my primary years, I finished secondary school in the US. I did both my undergraduate and graduate work in opera performance at a music conservatory.

I've identified as a performing artist, while my other artistic aspects lay dormant until now.

I let my passion take me, and my heart has found another home in creating arts with photography. Now, visual art is an equal partner with the long-existing performing art part of me.

As my song continues, my art starts to grow. I live for the art, I live for love, and this is who I am.

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Pradichaya Poonyarit |The performing Artist

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

Ansel Adams

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Pradichaya Poonyarit | The Visual Artist

Hi! My name is Pradichaya Poonyarit! I've mastered the art of telling my story through my voice. Now I am doing it through my art.

Come along with me on this exuberant journey!


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